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croppped profile picBeing the Managing Director for Jamecob’s Quality Construction. I thank you for taking time to view our web site and learn a little about our company.

Without hesitation, one thing our company has always been committed to is the power of a prime brand. We truly understand that to maintain a positive image as well as an untarnished reputation does more to reinforce our credibility as contractors.

We are a company dedicated to design and construction of buildings using the latest technologies, techniques and materials. Service is paramount and we work tirelessly everyday to ensure that all projects are executed in accordance with the high quality standards that we have set for the company. We can only achieve our company’s objectives through the skills, expertise and dedication of our employees. Our culture encourages and supports client service focus with innovative thinking and individual responsibility. We also aim to enjoy the challenges of adversity as much as the rewards of success. Although this market has seen many changes over the years we remain committed to the notion that success in this business is predicated on strong relationships. From our subcontractors to customers to staff…… the ability to build a bond that supports one another and breeds success and satisfaction is key.

JQCL will also remain committed to ensure that our reputation is maintained through our ethical practices in dealing with clients as well as being socially responsible to our community and to our employees.

At Jamecob’s Quality Construction Limited “You Dream It We Build It.”


Jamecob’s quality construction is committed to offering exceptional customer service by providing quality workmanship while sustaining the integrity
of the environment, and creating a working atmosphere that would foster a dynamic workforce.


Jamecob’s quality construction aims to gain and maintain the competitive advantage in the construction industry in the region through the delivery of quality workmanship and exceptional customer relations.


JAMECOB’S QUALITY CONSTRUCTION LIMITED incorporated was founded by Steve Jameson in 1998, first begun operations in 1986 under the name Jameson’s Construction Enterprises. Steve Jameson a visionary with an eye for detail undertook the challenge to start his own business in an industry that required many resources, his faith and determination being his driving force to continuously hurdle over adversity.

The vision of the Company was to define its services from what was originally being offered in the market. The company’s first headquarters of operation was located in his home community of Jacmel St. Lucia. Today, the company operates within the Cul-De-Sac Industrial Zone. The operation begun with a small crew of six men and has since developed into an operation that spans virtually every aspect of project planning and construction. From the outset JQCL work practices have been based on individual responsibility and a close-nit team network. JQCL now carries a work force over two hundred (200) highly skilled professionals covering a full spectrum of engineering and its related disciplines. Since the inception quality control and first class client service have played a leading role in all aspects of Jamecob’s Quality Constructions operations.

Over the years the company has faced many challenges and has persevered with great success. Along the way we have focused on building solid relationships and received resounding recommendations and referrals from our clients by utilizing locally based talents through subcontracting.

Jamecob’s Quality Construction Limited continues to build an enviable reputation for delivering high quality projects of any magnitude in St. Lucia. Our success is as a result of remaining focused on our vision and working as a team with a common goal.


Over the years Jamecob’s Quality construction Limited has grown and invested in many other commercial sectors on the island as well as opening operations in the island of Dominica and now St. Kitts. Our objective is to project the consistent level of quality in every aspect of our operations throughout the region.


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Jamecob’s Quality Construction Limited

Main Business focus: Construction/Design & Build

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