Beholder Security Inc.

Beholder Security empowers you with the most advanced surveillance for your home and business. The systems we carry allows you to monitor in real time, record to a central system for playback, and view your assets from a remote location over the internet anywhere in the world among their many features. With one cable for both power and video (POE) we have the ability to install these cameras virtually anywhere without the need for additional wiring.
Our camera systems send video alerts to your mobile devices (blackberry, Iphone, Android) when motion is detected in the viewing area. Our line of NVR recorders carry one, two or four hard drives that are
hot-swappable once one is full or has to be replaced. They support up to 4TB per drive for maximum storage.
We also offer a wide range of other devices like biometric employee time clocks, printed personalized company ID cards to give your business added visibility and lanyards bearing your company’s logo.
Our range of biometric door locks give you that added piece of mind, being virtually tamper proof. Our covert hidden cameras and devices appear to be just another piece of electronics in your home, making them impossible to be detected. For these and other cutting-edge solutions we provide call us today.